Wilderness Waves Signature Facial

The Core Collection provides those indispensables that make your beauty care menu fully functional. After choosing your key Control Corrective Skincare Systems collection(s) round out and enhance your treatment options with Core products, Paired with a seasonal mask from coconut lime to pumpkin spice.


Anti-Age Facial

The Control Signs of Aging Collection incorporates the latest and most advanced breakthroughs in anti-aging science. First, it offers products that structurally repair fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven texture. Then restoratives replace what's been lost, such as moisture, firmness, tone, and luminosity. Finally, this collection's formulas prevent future signs of aging by not only visually rejuvenating, but also helping skin function the way young, healthy complexions do naturally.


Acne Facial

Since acne blemishes in both teens and adults are caused by a combination of factors, the Control Acne collection incorporates breakthrough healing active ingredients that address each and every contributing reason. This efficient multi-tiered approach hits acne hard from every direction - unclogging pores, healing blemishes, soothing inflammation, banishing bacteria, fading post-acne hyperpigmentation, minimizing scarring and preventing future breakouts.


Sun Damage/Hyperpigmentation Facial

Hyperpigmentation is a common, usually harmless condition in which patches of skin become darker in color than the normal surrounding skin. Hyperpigmentation occurs when an excess amount of melanin is produced. Causes of hyperpigmentation includes unprotected sun exposure, certain medications, hormonal changes, or past acne problems.


Lactic Acid Green Tea Facial Peel

When the skin gets dull, mottled and sun damaged, the bright get peeling. A lactic acid exfoliating peel gets right to the source of unwanted discoloration – anything from achiness To age spots to stubborn acne traces – dissolving rogue pigment cells on the spot, and clearing away dead surface cell sludge while it's at it. Healthy even new cells also see the light of day, replacing lines, wrinkles and roughness. Oxygen emulsion increases cellular microcirculation, adds water to the cells and helps pull powerful skin brightening and antioxidants deep into the skin. What you get is a renewed texture so radiant and bright it'll make you happy just to look at it. Best done in a series for 4 for cumulative results.

4 for $180.00

Gyl 33% Facial Peels

This rejuvenating facial peel is really into power lifting. Penetrating alpha hydroxyl acids get to the bottom of lines, wrinkles, roughness, age spots and other irregularities to uncover fresh, smooth new skin underneath. Best done in a series of 4 or as a monthly anti-aging maintenance program.

4 for $180.00

Beta 22% Facial Peels

Our strongest anti-acne facial peel doubles up on the exfoliation to rid skin of both acne and sun damage (age spots, wrinkles, uneven texture). Following advanced enzyme technology with active salicylic acid this facial peel takes surface exfoliation to a new level (that is, a whole lot deeper). Sticky, hardened pore-clogging oils, debris and bacteria are swept away as unwanted pigment and textural irregularities are literally smoothed off the skin.

4 for $180.00


Young Blood Mineral Cosmetics

Made with natural pigments, rather than petroleum. The natural skin tone shade provides sun-protection with less shimmer offering a healthy glow and flawless finish.

Make-up Application


Make-up application with Facial


Specialized Facial and Chem Peel



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